Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some more...

Dr. Patrick Keesee, dentistry in the orphanage

Downtown Port Au Prince by Car

Downtown Port-au-Prince

It is scary to drive in Haiti. There are no lanes and no rules.

Tom and I took a taxi to downtown Port-au-Prince where the destruction was the worst.
Buildings are completely destroyed with thousands of people still buried under the rubble.
Much of the work is being done by hand and I can't imagine how long it will take to fully repair this city.

Garbage is everywhere and people share the streets with pigs and goats.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pepperdinkle supports the Haitian Relief Fund!

PEPPERDINKLE is coming to
TOAST Restaurant
on Market St. (downtown Louisville)
Saturday, February 27
9:45 am - 11:45 pm
Everyone is invited to come and meet Pepperdinkle in person!
Pepperdinkle is raising funds for Haiti and has been working closely with
Tom Eifler and Dr. Patrick Keesee.

All of the proceeds will go directly to the Haitian Relief Fund.

Your support makes a huge difference!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Please send donations to:

Haitian Relief Fund
122 Fairfax Ave.
Louisville, KY 40207

Pepperdinkles in Haiti!

Mary Beck, founder of Pepperdinkle & Pals, donated Pepperdinkles to the children in Haiti. Patrick and Tom took as many of the little stuffed animals as they could fit into the helicopter. The Pepperdinkles, stuffed between dental equipment, food, tents, clothes and other necessities, made the long journey to Haiti and were able to bring smiles to the faces of many kids at the orphanage!

Dr. Keesee, his patient and "Bad Cat", one of Pepperdinkle's pals (above).

Patients in the orphanage.

Here are some of Dr. Keesee's patients in the orphanage.

View from the helicopter.

The helicopter and Tom Eifler (pilot)

Tom Eifler's talents have proven to be invaluable in Haiti. Travel by car can be agonizingly slow due to poor road conditions and the mountainous terrain. He has been able to provide efficient transportation, in some cases turning a 12 hour car ride into a 1-2 hour helicopter flight. Tom has flown Edge Outreach representatives to Jacmel and Port-au-Prince, transported nurses to a clinic in Leogane and has been flying to Les Cayes to pick up supplies for Hope for Haiti.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Haiti earthquake damage.

Earthquakes in Haiti

There was another earthquake in Haiti at about 1:30 this morning followed by tremors at around 2:00 am. Fear that the earthquake would compromise the integrity of the structure forced everyone to move their mattresses outdoors. People are continuing to sleep outside for now.

Here is the link for today's earthquake in Haiti:

Patrick and Tom have moved to a hotel to make room at the orphanage for Samaritan Air representatives. Part of the hotel where they are staying (above) has collapsed but they have been reassured by engineers that the the structure is safe. Many other US citizens are also staying there.

Make sure you check the older posts for more photos and video of Haiti.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Aftershocks in Haiti!

Patrick has been trying to send new photos but has had trouble accessing a solid internet connection. He was able to send a text saying that there was another earthquake this morning at around 5:00 a.m. and that more houses collapsed. He wondered if the internet service might have been damaged and says that his cell reception is poor right now.

I found the documentation of the earthquake, if anyone is interested, from the USGS.

Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patrick Keesee, Mark Hogg (photo)

Patrick and Tom spent the day working with Mark Hogg and Bowin Tichenor (photo above), from Edge Outreach. They have been busy, flying to the rural areas of Haiti for Edge Outreach and Hope for Haiti.
Please send donations to:

Haitian Relief Fund
122 Fairfax Ave.
Louisville, KY 40207

I am updating the blog often, so check the older blogs to see other photos and video.

Haitian Orphans

Patrick is staying in the orphanage where he will be seeing more than 100 people in his "make shift" dental clinic. He said his first night at the orphanage was good, though both he and Tom Eifler did agree that the the same lizards were climbing on the walls where they were sleeping. They were, however, sleeping in totally different places. I guess the lizards are plentiful in Haiti!

The orphanage is a Christian orphanage in Haiti and Patrick said that he feels safe. He told me in a text that he is staying in an area with "really good people". He has a room where he is able to keep supplies locked up and the orphanage is gated and secure. Patrick started the morning at 6:00 a.m. and attended church at around 8:30 a.m. and Patrick and Tom Eifler were meeting with Mark Hogg and Bowin Tichenor from Edge Outreach this afternoon.

Patrick plans to begin seeing patients tomorrow. These are some photos (above) of some of the special needs patients he will be treating.

Streets of Haiti

Patrick and the helicopter

Patrick Keesee (above)
Tom Eifler tending to the helicopter (above)

Shelter in Haiti.

Photos of the devastation in Haiti.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here is the orphanage where Patrick is staying tonight. The kids are singing before bedtime.

Here is some of the first video Patrick has sent from Haiti, of people being pushed in wheelchairs and tents where some are staying.

Well... we made it.....A beautiful flight over... the country side is most spectacular.... It is a shame this country is so poverty stricken. Flying over it one would think it could only be paradise.

We arrived in Port Au Prince around noon. The airport is difficult to maneuver and it took about 4 hours to find fuel for the helicopter, receive a temporary ID and find a ride to the Orphange where I will be treating the children's dental needs.

Tom is currently flying the director of Hope For Haiti around to survey some sights for relief. I am organizing my dental equipment for a full day of treatment tomorrow. There are a lot of special needs children here at the orphanage in wheel chairs that I will be treating. The director of the Orphanage is very excited because she claims there is such a need for dentistry here.
Pepperdinkle had fun today!

Thanks for supporting the
Haiti Relief Fund!

It was a good day at Dooley's Bagels on Lime Kiln! Pepperdinkle showed up and the kids had a wonderful time learning about Pepperdinkle's message and all of Pepperdinkle's friends!
Thank you to all who were able to make made a difference today...more than you know! We appreciate all of the support. We are lucky to call Louisville home...such a caring and supportive community! Thank you!!!!!!!
We appreciate these area businesses who are also contributing this weekend!
Bailen Jewelers, Blink Boutique, Celebrations, Palazzina Interiors, Parfumerie,
Rosie's Consignment Boutique and You're Sew Vain!
Posted by...
Rhonda, Piper and Skylar Keesee
Patrick and Tom are about to leave Turks and Caicos, on their way into Haiti. It will probably take 1-2 hours to get there.

Tom Eifler has already been contacted to transport the director of the Island of Haiti -Hope for Haiti, Mike Stewart, to the Hope for Haiti teams already working there. He will picking Mike Stewart up at an Italian Military Base in Haiti. Tom will also be delivering supplies for the orphanage in Haiti that has offered Tom and Patrick a place to stay while there.

Patrick Keesee will be unpacking and setting up his dental supplies in the orphanage and will be offering his assistance in any way that he can.

Looks like a busy day ahead!

Don't forget to SHOP LOUISVILLE this weekend to help support the Haitian Relief Fund!

(The participating businesses are still listed below, in a previous post)

Friday, February 19, 2010


After a very long day in the helicopter we arrived at Turks and Caicos Island... just 1 hour from Haiti. Unfortunately everytime we stopped today for fuel we were required to clear customs which delayed our flight considerably. The flight down was beautiful but I will have to say I'm beginning to feel a little like a sardine.

We are planning to leave early in the morning next stop being Port au Prince. Hope for Haiti has already contacted Tom Eifler to fly for them and we are currently carrying a box of medical supplies for an orphange that we were asked to carry to Haiti by Samaritan Air.
Tom is picking up the director of Edge Outreach in the Dominican Republic on Sunday to fly him to the villages where their teams are setting up water systems. I will be setting up the portable dental equipment in an Orphanage not far from Port au Prince.
Thanks again for everyone's support back home. Tomorrow should be interesting.
Anyone wishing to donate to our mission can do so through the address below.
Haitian Relief Fund
122 Fairfax Ave
Louisville, KY 40207

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Please SHOP LOUISVILLE this weekend! Below is a list of Louisville businesses that have agreed to donate a percentage of their weekend sales to the Haitian Relief Fund!

Also, Pepperdinkle will be making an appearance tomorrow at Dooley's Bagels on Lime Kiln Ln. from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Please come by to have breakfast or lunch with Pepperdinkle and Mary Beck, the founder of Pepperdinkle & Pals and to support relief efforts in Haiti!

Bailen Jewelers
3907 Chenoweth Square

Blink Boutique
3706 Lexington Rd.

3632 Brownsboro Rd.

Dooley's Bagels
2415 Lime Kiln Ln.

Palazzina Interiors
145 Chenoweth Ln.

3931 Chenoweth Square

Pepperdinkle & Pals
click on "country store" to order

Rosie's Consignment Boutique
143 Chenoweth Ln.

You're Sew Vain
2744 Frankfort Ave.

Also, we appreciate those who have already donated and the numerous anonymous donations:

Children's Special Care Dentistry
Highland Cleaners
Jack's Lounge and Equus
Louisville Executive Aviation
Rainbow Blossom
Stevens & Stevens Deli
Stan's Fish Sandwich Restaurant (donation to Edge Outreach)

Half Way There!!!!!

We made it to Jupiter Florida for the night after seven hours of flying. After a meal and a good nights sleep... we plan to embark at the crack of dawn.... we will try to make Haiti by sunset if all goes well.

On Our Way!!!!!!

We loaded the helicopter this morning as the sun was coming up.

Our launch attracted the attention of a number of news networks so you can probably view our departure on one of the local news channels.

After loading the helicopter with dental equipment, luggage, food, Pepperdinkle stuffed animals for the orphans and other necessary items.... there was barely enough room for Tom and myself. We did however manage to squeeze in.

I'm currently writing you from the helicopter somewhere over Georgia. Modern technology. Thanks sooooo much to everyone who helped get us here. Without your donations and support this expedition would not be possible.
Please make donations to:
Haitian Relief Fund
122 Fairfax Ave
Louisville, KY 40207
Tom's Cell 502-558-2323 Patrick's Cell 502-905-7533

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting Closer!!!!!!!!

Today Tom picked up the helicopter from Springfield, KY and transitioned it to Louisville at Bowman field.

I spent the day picking up more supplies for our trip.

My daughters picked up Pepperdinkles for the orphans in Haiti and they were sooooo excited to help. The back seat in the helicopter will be very full. Special thanks goes to Mary Beck (founder of Pepperdinkle and Pals Club) for her donation to the children of Haiti.