Saturday, February 20, 2010

Patrick and Tom are about to leave Turks and Caicos, on their way into Haiti. It will probably take 1-2 hours to get there.

Tom Eifler has already been contacted to transport the director of the Island of Haiti -Hope for Haiti, Mike Stewart, to the Hope for Haiti teams already working there. He will picking Mike Stewart up at an Italian Military Base in Haiti. Tom will also be delivering supplies for the orphanage in Haiti that has offered Tom and Patrick a place to stay while there.

Patrick Keesee will be unpacking and setting up his dental supplies in the orphanage and will be offering his assistance in any way that he can.

Looks like a busy day ahead!

Don't forget to SHOP LOUISVILLE this weekend to help support the Haitian Relief Fund!

(The participating businesses are still listed below, in a previous post)